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To all our Playful Pups family - YES, WE ARE AND WILL REMAIN OPEN

I am writing this to address the COVID-19 situation and how it affects Playful Pups.  Information is changing daily, and Playful Pups is taking measures and will respond as needed.  this is what we know and what Playful Pups is doing...

  1. There is no evidence that COVID-19 can infect canines or that they can be carriers of the virus.

  2. As of now, there have been NO cases of COVID-19 in Playful Pups owners, management or staff.

  3. Playful Pups is OPEN for daycare, boarding, training and grooming.

  4. We will remain open regular hours unless otherwise required by local, state and/or federal authorities. 

  5. Playful Pups cleaning and sanitation procedures for humans and canines meets or exceeds CDC guidelines published for COVID-19. This includes but is not limited to...

    1. frequent hand washing practices of 20 seconds or longer​

    2. avoid touching your face

    3. clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, counter tops, desktops, phones, keyboards, faucets and sinks. 

  6. The concern right now is people coming in contact with other people who have the COVID-19 virus. 

  7. The CDC defines close contact as being within 6 feet of a COVID-19 carrier.  Therefore we ask everyone to space themselves from other clients when in our very spacious lobby. 

  8. Please sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer we provide at the counter before and after using a pen or touchscreen card reader. 

If you have any questions about Playful Pups and your pup please contact me at or call 706-327-2227.

Please remember, we are all in this together and can conquer any obstacle TOGETHER.

Thank you 

Robert Corn

Playful Pups

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